Mission Statement, Purpose and Locations

Our Website Mission is to have a free (no dues) place to:
  • help with communications between and location of unit members
  • record personal stories and remembrances
  • collect memories in pictures and videos
  • remember those that 'give all'
  • update the yearly Reunion information 
..on behalf if the members of the 18th & 54th Aviation Company (and their detached Units).  These are the unit members that:
  • flew
  • maintained
  • supported

...the U.S. Army’s U-1A DeHavilland ‘Otter’ Aircraft and its mission 

              in the Republic of South Vietnam (1960– 1971).  We are the 'Otter Guys'.

** Read the actual 'Otter' Aircraft Recap of LTC 'Val' Hoey from his year in Command of the 54th Avn Co. 1967 (PDF file - linked below)

                         Gerald L. Royals Col, USA, Ret. - Photo Credit

Our Purpose - is to help rekindle old friendships and start new ones through communications and annual Reunions.  Perhaps even remember the good times with people who shared the common military experience a long time ago, in a place far, far away.


Headquarters & Platoon locations of the 18th Aviation Co:

 Meritorious Unit Commendation—Oct 64–Dec 65

 (N) PUC—29 Mar 66–30 Jun 67

 Qui Nhon, VN - HQ for the 18th Avn Co - moving up from Nha Trang  in 1966. 
                                                                                                  18th Aviation Co. Unit Patches 
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18th Aviation Co.'s ~ Otter Mission Story - 1970 Hawk Magazine
Headquarters & Platoon locations of the 54th Aviation Co:       Meritorious Unit Commendation—1 Jan–31 Dec 1967
Vung Tau, VN - HQ for the 54th Avn Co. (later moving to Long Thanh North -1970)                                                                                                                                                          54th Aviation Co. Unit Patches
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54th Aviation Mission Story - 1969 Hawk Magazine:

Airport, Airfields, Airstrips and 'Roads' - Our 'Otters' Serviced 
~  MAPS  

Also see:    The Corp Tactical Zone Map (CTZ)   - (at Bottom of this page)

 Bu Dop Special Forces Camp near the Cambodian border in III Corp. 
(remote and beautiful ...but dangerous country)

The 18th and 54th Aviation Companies supported the 5th Special Forces Group (5thSOG), MACV-SOG,  JUSPAO-Saigon,  USARV (III Corp), Marine Corp (I Corp), 1st Logistics Command, etc.   Here's a YouTube Video about our S.F.'s Air Missions:
Here are some of their unit patches:


Other Missions: There were 'Electronic Otters', 'Radio-Relay Otters' & 'Psyop Otters'

Otter 210 above - note the Antennas on the top of the fuselage and on the wing.
Corp Tactical Zone Map (CTZ) / 4 Military Regons

Cards Complements of:  Mike 'Edge' Edgerton (CC '67-68)  and  a 54th 'Rat-Fink' named: Leland 'Lee' Emery ( CC '67-68)

** Read the actual 'Otter' Aircraft Recap of LTC 'Val' Hoey from his year in Command of the 54th Avn Co. 1967 (PDF file - linked below)
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