Air Crew

Air Crews - flew and manned the U1-A Otter on a daily basis and were a combination of seasoned and newly trained Pilots and Crew Chiefs.  The pilots were Commissioned & Warrant Officers, the Crew Chiefs were enlisted man with ranks usually E3 to E/SP5.  

All were part Aviator, part Mechanic, part Load-Master, part Flight Attendant, part Taxi Driver,  part Ticket Agent , part Gunner....but, without a doubt, all were proud to be .... U.S. Army ‘Fly-Boys’...

  ....  the 'Otter Guys'  ....

                 U.S. Army Air Metal
            Aviator Badge (Pilot Wings)                         Aircrew Member Badge (Crew Chief Wings)


Army Flight Following and VFR Pilotage Chart*
* See all four (4) pages - click the PDF Link (bottom of page)

Above Charts donated by Col. Bob Luckenbill ('67-68 18th) Retired. Former C.O.of the 18th Avn in VN

OTTER PRINTS (above) -  You can order a personalized Otter Print direct from the Artist - George Bieda.  He will add or delete anything you want (including 54th Avn logos) - Click the PDF file link at the bottom of this page for complete details and price (including shipping). See:


1960's Army Otter Interior - Thanks to Lautner Photographics
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