We organized this 18th and 54th Aviation Company 'Otternest' Association at the Reunions we held in 2012 (Branson, MO), 2013 and 2014  (Nashville, TN). Since then we have had Reunions in:  2015 Houma, LA,  2016 Arlington, VA/DC,   2017 MSP~MN, and 2018 in Dayton, OH.
We collect no Dues or Fees and are open to all former unit members and their families.
Join Us!  We all shared the Fixed-Wing Aviation Vietnam Experience

Jim Wittel  (U.S. Army Sgt - Retired) - founded this Group of  18 & 54th Veteran with his 
website.  He contributed to its development over many years.  Together, the veterans formed this Association.  Overtime, the Association needed its own website for communication & updates.  Since then, we have combined the two websites into one.  We thank and honor Jim for his great contributions. He will always be a member of this Association.  

Digital Otter images
thanks to  Jim McNeill (WO  Pilot '68) -  Shade Tree Micro Aviation  - Carson City,  NV  (open this link for more images from Jim and his staff ) : 
The 'OTTER'...the best Short T/O & Landing (STOL) Utility Aircraft of its day.

This Organization of Vietnam Veterans was formed by the Unit Members that served with the:
  • 18th Aviation Company - the 'Low-Slow-Reliable' Otter Service 
  • 54th Aviation Company - the Big Daddy -'Otter Air Service'
  • and the Detachment Units of each:
      • 256th,  255th,  163rd Medical,  258th  &  342nd Signal

18th Aviation Company HQ - 'Low-Slow-Reliable'  Qui Nhon Airport (on the Central Coast of RVN)
Meritorious Unit Commendation—Oct 64–Dec 65 / /  (Navy) PUC—29 Mar 66–30 Jun 67

54th Aviation Company HQ - The 'Big Daddy' Boys Vung Tau Airport & later Long Thanh North AAF
  Meritorious Unit Commendation—1 Jan–31 Dec 67

History - 1st year start-up details (see the PDF Document linked below) - provided by Maj. 'Val' Hoey  - first C.O.  - and - Lt. 'Lindsay' Perkins - Co. Historian -  54th Aviation Co.
See the 8 Army 'Otters' of the newly forming 54th Aviation in Vung Tau Airfield, VN

54th Aviation Company Headquarter 1969

U.S. Army U1-A DeHavilland 'Otter' ...
...the best Short T/O & Landing (STOL) Utility Aircraft of its day.

To see more Pictures - Click on the Photos or Image Slidshow - in the 'Navigation' Sidebar (very Top left).

Fun Images of the digital 'Otter' from the computer game X-Planes - submitted by former 18th Aviation Co. Pilot - Capt  Jim McNeill  - 'PapaMac' 
Shade Tree Micro Aviation

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